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Tablet Activity Recorder


Group Updates

Attendance, Meals, Sleep Checks, Bathroom Breaks, and Activities for groups of children, in seconds.

Little Vista's 'Group Updates' feature is designed specifically to reduce your administration workload while ensuring information is accurate and easily shared with parents, families, and guardians.

Our easy-to-use application enables childcare practitioners to select any number of children and apply an update at the push of a button. What used to take 30 minutes, now takes 30 seconds. Information recorded can be accessed with ease ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Learning Journal

Observations, Milestones, and Curriculum based Activities at your fingertips.

Little Vista's 'Leaning Journal' enables practitioners to record Observations and developmental activities with ease, whether it's for one child or an entire group.

Our 'Speak to Text' function removes the need for handwriting or typing. Capture and attach images as they happen or select them from your photo gallery. Link it with your curriculum in a few simple steps.

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